Ashburton Marble Coffee Table

This table is made with the same matte black steel frame as our Grid tables however in place of a wooden top is an amazing cracked and repaired slab of Ashburton marble.

The starting point for this project was us being asked by a client if we thought there was anything we could do with some pieces of marble that she had been given by her father. We were presented with this beautiful marble and a bit of a challenge. Despite it's beauty the marble was essentially five small off cuts with some strait and some rough sides.

After some thought our approach was to draw from what we had achieved with our Kintsugi coffee table; a broken concrete slab repaired with gold resin. However our first and biggest job would be to break the marble into smaller pieces and somehow cut and scribe them to fit each other with only thin cracks. Thank goodness for diamond angle grinder disks!
Once we were happy with the arrangement of marble shards we bonded them together and filled the cracks with resin mixed with powdered white marble.

We are so happy with the final result, the white colour cracks tie in with the colour of the marble and almost look like they were formed naturally. The best part of this project was that we found a way to save, appreciate and make use of this beautiful natural material that may have otherwise been waisted.


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