The Beehive

It started with us making two cedar, Warré style beehives for ourselves to keep at our workshop. We followed plans that gave us the dimensions but we also added some of our own Forge Creative touches, such as the charred oak handles and window frames.

A year later we found ourselves being commissioned to make another bee hive and the second time around the results are even better. We made a few improvements such adding brass catches on the shutters and using mitre joints on the box corners. We also increased the size of the boxes to fit the British standard bee hive frames.

The beehive consists of 4 separate boxes that are built up as the colony increases. Two of the boxes have glass windows with insulated shutters. We've found it absolutely fascinating to look inside the hive and see the bees at work. Underneath the roof is a quilt box which is filled with wood shaving and is also designed to insulate the hive. The handles, feet, window frames and shutter handles are made from charred oak that we have finished with natural bees wax. The cedar is left unfinished as it holds up well to the weather and will gradually go grey as it ages.

Want to start beekeeping?  You can have your own made to order beehive just like this one for - £1200.

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