Chess Set

Our client wanted a bespoke chess set to give her husband for his birthday. She was inspired by the minimalist forms of our trees and wondered if they could be incorporated into the chess pieces. Its something that we have wanted to have a go at for a while so jumped at the opportunity to design a forge style chess set.

The set is made from Walnut and Maple to give a striking contrast and the board itself is constructed from 30mm thick blocks, raised slightly to give a floating appearance by a generous pad of leather. The pieces although inspired by the trees were independently designed and thought through to bring out the character of each piece in a minimal way. There was a fine balance when designing these chess pieces where they needed to be beautiful to the eye and to the touch but also to be instantly recognizable.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us if your'e interested in this set or if you have an idea for a similar project and we can work with you to create something tailored to your desires.