Based on the design of our Grid Coffee table we have created a bespoke TV unit, side table and bedside table for a client. The Grid design idea is to use this thin neat framework as the base for tables or other items of furniture. We love how the black framework looks like a fine line drawing and gives a very minimal look. This look can be applied to all sorts of custom made items of furniture which is exactly what we have done here.

We offer a wide range of different timbers for you to choose from. For this collection of tables we have combined the matte black steel framework with light toned Ash for really bold contrast. If you want to commission a pieces of furniture please ask us about the different wood options available.

One of the challenges involved with this project was working out the functionality of the draw in the side unit, as we wanted it to be an elegant solution without risking the functionality. In the end we were really happy with the design of having the runners built into the framework. It has the minimal look we were after and runs very smoothly. After making this piece we think It would be great to be able to make a complete draw unit using the same design.