Money For Nothing is a great TV programme in which items of junk are given a new life by different makers around the country.
Forge Creative will be featuring in Series 2 of programme which is coming soon to BBC Channel One and BBC iPlayer


More about the TV programme

In the show presenter Sarah Moore saves unwanted items from being left at the tip so that they may be transformed into objects of value. This task is taken on either by Sarah herself or by another chosen maker.

The kind of junk Sarah saves could be anything from car springs to suitcases and the finished object could be anything from a lamp to a piece of jewellery. The idea of the program is that a profit is made from selling the finished object and is given to the person who would have otherwise thrown it away.

At the end of last year we were asked if we would like to get involved with the program and have since worked on transforming seven old items into desirable products.


What we were given and what we made

Working on these various items for the TV show has been a great opportunity to experiment and has allowed us to create some interesting new products. We discovered that using a reclaimed object as a starting point can be a great way to come up with an original idea.


Postal Cart

The postal cart we were given was a very old metal framework consisting of some leaf springs, spoked wheels and other bits that would have at one time been attached together with the addition of some sort of basket. Apparently it had spend some time in a hedge so the metal parts were a little bit worse for wear and the basket had rotted away.

We decided we would use the metal parts to make legs for a large dining table and that the best thing to do with the legs would be to strip them right back and paint them matt black. For the table top we used two old barn doors which were probably a similar age to the postal cart.

This table is for sale in the Smithers of Stamford shop.


Copper Pipes

We decided that we would use the copper pipes to make a collection of candle holders and candelabras by incorporating sycamore wood bases. Having already experimented with melting down and casting copper we knew we wanted to incorporate this in some way. To attach the four pipes on the candelabras we cast a block of solid copper by melting down some of the pipes mixed with aluminium to make an alloy. We really like the roughness of the cast block that holds the pipes together. We also really like the combination of polished and aged copper so chose to buff up parts of the pipes and leave others aged or burnt.


Classroom StoolS

These were just the metal frames of the stools without seats. We kept it simple and decided we would just re-seat them so they could be used as stools. We used the six stools as an opportunity to show off six english timbers. Oak, Ash, London Plane, Yew, Sycamore and English Walnut. 


Broken Sofa

This old sofa was in terrible condition. We think it had been smashed up so that it could be taken to the tip. Out of all the items this is the one we were most unsure of at the beginning . Saying that we really liked the interesting curves of its 70's design so we thought we would rebuild it in some way rather that turn it into something completely different. We ditched the upholstery and fixed the broken sofa frame. We then charred the whole frame to give it an even matt black finish. In contrast to that we then fitted thin maple slats. The final result was a very contemporary indoor bench.


Old Ropes

This item was a box of old ropes and skipping ropes that the guide girls were trowing away. We did briefly think that we could make some new handles for them so they could be skipping ropes again but we wanted to do something a bit more interesting and original. We were interested in making a feature of the aesthetic quality of the different ropes displayed next to one another so designed and made three large hexagonal frames for to string the ropes through. This gave us the opportunity to come up with different rope designs within the frames.

The end result were these really unique and interesting pieces of wall art.


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